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Since 2008, we have been a technology leader in providing high performance and high resiliency waveforms and system designs to leading OEMs of wireless communications products in industrial, government and defense markets.

Our team is made up of multi-disciplinary individuals with extensive system-level expertise, and a track record of building many generations of successful wireless products over the last 20 years.

Deployed globally, our technology has stood the test of time in countless networks under harsh and hostile conditions.

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Our core expertise lies in:


To enable our customers to maximize their product development ROI with the best customizable technologies, superior product capabilities and a proven partnership formula.


To be committed to being a relentless force of innovation, performance and dependability in providing top-notch wireless communications technologies.


Our values of innovation, dependability, collaboration are at the core of everything we do.

We invent new technologies that matter, deliver what are promised and strive for win-win outcomes.


Dr. Octavian Sarca

A company is successful and valuable when it can solve difficult problems others fail to do. When it can translate its know-how into solutions that are more practical and cost effective than the alternatives.

Since its inception, ExtentCom was founded on the principle of never taking shortcuts when faced with difficult problems, but rather tackling them head-on with tenacity and originality. Throughout the years, we steadily nurture and grow the company based on its core values and competency.

At ExentCom, we also value effective teamwork and masterful execution on any projects we devote ourselves to. We thank our trusted and valued team, partners and customers for every success along the way and into the future.

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